FAST, RELIABLE, and AFFORDABLE internet service is coming to Sonya !!!

Communicate Freely is proud to announce that we have begun to expand the Lake Scugog area’s fastest and most reliable internet service to Sonya. Locally owned and operated, Communicate Freely continues to gain recognition as the best service provider in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sonya

Q. How much does it cost to pre-register?

A. It costs NOTHING to pre-register. Fill out our simple form below!

Q. What does “servicing the property” mean and how much will it cost?  Do I have to subscribe to your packages to have my property serviced?

A. Servicing your property is where we run a small conduit from the road edge up to the side of your house.  Inside the conduit we place the fibre optic cable that carries signal to your house.  There is NO CHARGE for us to service your property while our staff are in the neighbourhood installing the network.  There is also NO OBLIGATION for you to subscribe to our packages.  Having your home serviced ensures that your home is ready should you wish to subscribe in the future.

Q. When I’m ready to subscribe, how much will installation cost?

A. Right now we are running a limited time promotion where installation is totally FREE.  To ensure you are eligible for the promotion be sure to pre-register.

Q. Do you offer internet, home phone and TV?

A.  Yes! We have great packages available for internet, home phone, and television service.

Q. Is this fibre that you are installing “shared”?  Will other providers be using it?

A. Our network is NOT shared.  The fibre that we are installing is owned by Communicate Freely for our customer’s use only.

Q. All of this sounds amazing, but we’ve heard “Fibre is coming to Sonya” before.  When is this really going to happen?

A. It’s already happening!! Our staff have already begun work on Hallett Crescent.  Be sure to stop buy and say “Hi” to them (they get lonely).  🙂

Q. Are you covering all of Sonya or just the subdivision?

A. Here is the map of our build.  If your home is in the green area you are good to go!

Do you have more questions or concerns? Call us at 1-877-291-8647

Sonya Pre-Registration

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