Home Phone and Internet

Communicate Freely is now offering service to residential customers where our fibre optic network is available. 

If you live in Downtown Port Perry or on Scugog Island, we look forward to bringing you the fastest Internet in all of North Durham! Please check our Coverage Map to see if service is available in your area. 

Our simple voice telephone service provides more features at a lower cost than the traditional phone company, with reliability and voice quality that a mobile phone can’t touch.

Symmetric Internet Access on Fibre

Most other residential Internet services try to use infrastructure that was designed for analog telephone service or cable TV. Since the network was never designed to handle Internet, compromises had to be made. This is why most other residential Internet has much more downstream speed than upstream speed.

Home Internet is no longer about just clicking through web pages. Now, we want to post pictures and video. Cloud based services, such as DropBox, iDrive, and VPN services allowing us to work from home, all need to send a lot of data out of your home. Old fashioned asymmetric Internet on cable or phone wire just can’t keep up with the demand.

By bringing the fibre optic network right to your home, we can provide the ultimate in today’s technology, and be ready for tomorrow’s.

All our Internet services are symmetric, meaning that you get as much upload speed as you do download speed. When your package says 250Mb, it means that you get 250Mb down and250Mb up. Compare that to Bell’s maximum upstream speed of 0.8 Mb/s, and Roger’s maximum upstream speed of 10 Mb/s. No more waiting while you post that video to YouTube. Your video calls will be clear and sharp, and you will dominate those multi-player games with lower ping times than all your opponents.

Simple Voice Telephone Service

Home telephone service hasn’t changed significantly in the last 100 years. Even when the local cable or VoIP provider offers you “digital” telephone service, they convert the signal back to analog so you can plug in your phone. We believe that telephone service can be better.

When you order telephone service from Communicate Freely, we provide you with the latest generation in IP telephone equipment. Having a fully digital telephone means better voice quality, and features that work. Caller ID name and number that displays immediately, not after the first ring. A message waiting indicator that tells you how many messages you have, and the flexibility to have multiple phone calls at once. In contrast to call waiting, if you have a second telephone, someone else can answer the next incoming call, or place an outgoing call even if the phone is already in use. It’s like having an extra phone line for free!

We also think it’s very silly that Uxbridge is long distance, and Oshawa is not. On our network, the “local” area includes most of Ontario. Even if your call is long distance, our domestic rate is 2c per minute. There is no network access fee, long distance plan, or any other add-ons. We get the best rate we can, and pass it along to you. You pay for what you use, and keep the rest in your pocket.

Simple voice service is $25 per month for basic service, or $40 per month for flat-rate Canada and U.S.
Service includes one Aastra 6863i telephone Additional telephones, or a Panasonic KX-TGP-500 cordless telephone system are available for purchase.

Analog Telephone Interconnect

Communicate Freely now offers an analog interconnection option for residential phone subscribers on our fibre optic network! Both basic and unlimited Simple Voice services can be ordered as an analog connection. In this case, our technician will connect your existing phone wiring to our network equipment in your home. You can continue to use your existing telephone sets, and keep your existing telephone number. This is an ideal solution for customers that are not able, or do not wish to replace their existing telephones, and do not need the additional digital features. When used with a capable analog telephone, caller ID, message waiting indicator, and other display features are available. An optional battery backup unit maintains service during power outages.

All Digital Television

Communicate Freely will soon be launching our digital television service. With an affordable $25 basic package, and small add-on bundles, our TV service is an affordable alternative to major cable and satellite providers. Whether as a compliment to a streaming service, or your primary source of High Definition Television, our flexible options put the control back in your hands.