Communicate Freely is excited to announce that we are bringing our award winning internet service to Caesarea. Construction will begin this spring on our network that will deliver fast, reliable, all Fibre Optic internet service.
Please refer to the information below for details on how to register to have your property serviced.

Fun Fact:

A 2015 study commissioned by the Fibre to the Home Council Americas (FTTH) found that the impact of fibre on property values can be more than three percent. On a $300,000 home, that\’s a $9,000 boost. A fibre connection has an impact on home prices similar to other home improvement projects.

Registration Information for Fibre to the Home

The Drop

The first step is “The Drop”, you can’t do anything without it. “The Drop” is the term used for running the fibre optical cable from the street to the side of your home, burying it along the way and ending in a little grey box, usually right beside where your electrical service enters your home. We connect and test it so it’s ready to go when you want service.

If you sign up for “The Drop” now while we are beginning work on your area the cost is only $100 + HST. If you want us to come back with men and equipment to do The Drop after we a done building your area the charge will be roughly $450-$600 if it can be done at all. Even if you are selling you home in the near future you should get “The Drop” done, it will increase the value of your home far more than $100…

How Registering Your Home/Business Works

We will use your information you provide on this form to:
1) Register your property for “The Drop” (you are commiting only to “The Drop” at this time NOTHING ELSE!).
2) We will contact you within a few weeks by phone (Please make sure your phone number is correct and is preferably a cel number – don’t worry, we don’t share your information) to confirm and to arrange your pre-payment for “The Drop” of $100 + HST ($113.00)
3) We will use the other information collected below such as desired speed, TV, Phone etc. to approximate what services you MAY want.

NOTE: YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO TAKE ANYTHING BY FILLING OUT THIS FORM. Your are also not obligated to take ANY SERVICES even after the drop in done!