If you’re here you’ve most likely received one of our door hangars about an upcoming construction project in your neighbourhood.

We understand that you may have many questions about the project.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

If there is a question that we have missed, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us.  We are more than happy to provide the answers to any questions that you many have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Communicate Freely is building a fibre to the home network in your community. Once completed, your neighbourhood will have the fastest and most reliable high speed internet, telephone, and TV service available — all at a fantastic affordable price.

No. We are building the entire network buried underground. Once construction is complete you won’t even know it is there.

As part of the construction process, we bury a small plastic conduit from your property line to the side of your house. The fibre-optic cable is placed inside the conduit for protection. We call this “servicing the house”.

Once the conduit is buried to the side of your house we connect it to a small plastic box, usually attached to your hydro meter pipe or where other services enter your house.

All of our installation work is done using methods that require little or no restoration work to your landscaped areas.

There is no upfront cost and no obligation to subscribe in order to have your property serviced. Should you decide to subscribe to any of our services now or in the future a nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of the servicing. If you decide to not subscribe to any of our services then you won’t have to pay anything, ever.

No you do not, however we strongly recommend that you do.

There is no charge and no obligation for you to subscribe to our services when the fibre is brought to your home now.

While we are on your street during construction, our cost to bring the fibre to your home is much lower than if we have to come back and do it later.  This is why we offer it for no charge if it’s done now.

If we have to come back in the future to bring the fibre to your home, the cost would be much higher and as a result we would have to pass those costs on to you at that time.

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you have the fibre brought to your home now. There is no cost or obligation to sign up for our services.

We offer a variety of speeds of service starting at 25Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps. All of our speeds and pricing can be found here.

Over the coming weeks, locate crews will be in your neighbourhood to mark the location of underground infrastructure (water, hydro, telephone, etc.).

Unfortunately these crews don’t know about the existence of other things that may be buried in your yard, for example:

  • invisible or visible dog fences
  • septic beds, sprinkler systems
  • electrical feeds to outbuildings, landscaping, outdoor lighting, etc.

If you have any of these things, please let us know ASAP by sending an email to support@communicatefreely.ca or by calling our office at one of the numbers located here.

Communicate Freely is a small, locally owned and operated internet service and television provider headquartered in Port Perry.  More information about our company history can be found here.

A recent study of real estate transactions conducted by the FTTH Council found that simply having your home serviced with fibre could increase your property value by up to 3.1% *

While we are on your street doing the construction, our cost to bring the fibre to your house is much lower than if we have to come back and do it later. Because of the lower cost, there is no upfront cost to you to have your house serviced now. If we have to come back in the future to bring the fibre to your house the cost to do the work will be much higher. As such, we would have to pass those costs on to you at that time.

No upfront cost, the availability of lightning fast internet, and a possible real estate price boost of up to 3.1%, we think the real question is why wouldn’t you have the fibre brought to your house.

No problem. Simply send us an email to support@communicatefreely.ca or give us a call during office hours and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

That’s okay, we understand. Simply call us or send an email to support@communicatefreely.ca with your address and we’ll take your property off the list.