A hosted PBX relieves you from the worry and expense of owning and operating a large telephone system. We own and maintain the telephone switching system at our data center, and provide it to your business as a service.

Hosted PBX Overview

Maintaining one large telephone network is much more efficient than several smaller ones. It also means that you get access to a larger feature set, and functionality that was formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. A dedicated technical staff is constantly monitoring your telephone system, and will take immediate action should a problem arise. If you need changes made to your telephone system, you need only contact our Customer Service department. You won’t need to hire a technician, or dig through a complex service manual. We look after your telephones, so you can focus on the business you do best.

PBX Features

  • Voice Mail on every extension
    • Voice mail to e-mail
    • Fall back to operator, or forward to cell phone from voice mail
    • Instant reply to callers
  • Endless routing options
    • Ring groups of telephones
    • Use automated menu systems
    • Redirect calls to external devices, such as cell phones

    Enhanced Telephone Capabilities
    • Caller ID with name and number
    • Outgoing caller ID management
    • Multiple telephone numbers without extra lines
    • No hard limit on number of simultaneous calls
    • Music on hold
  • Detailed Records
    • Every call is tracked on an individual extension basis
    • CSV Reports allow you to analyze your records with any spreadsheet
    • Many call (audio) recording capabilities are available
  • Conferencing
    • Each account is assigned a private conference room number
    • This conference room allows you to host multi-seat audio conferences for 10+ users
    • Conference room audio can optionally be recorded
  • Locationless Flexibility
    • Phones can be installed anywhere a suitable Internet connection is available
    • Teleworkers, or multiple branch offices can easily be included
    • Calls between extensions are free, regardless of physical distance
    • Easily set up a temporary work site in case of disaster (or G20 summit)

No Technical Skills Required

Our telephone solution is a fully managed service. Our customers need only dial 611 to see that their phones do what they need them to do. Our staff will look after the details, you just explain what you want done. You wan’t have to pass messages between local service and equipment providers, or sit on hold for an hour. We make customer service personal.